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Episode 6: Kenya

In this episode, Ross learns about the food and culture of Kenya, but when he is asked to cook, will it all go wrong?!

Episode 5: Brazil

Watch Ross take on a real Rodizio style Meat Feast, but how will a real chicken's heart go down?!

Episode 4: Germany- Christmas Special

In this Christmas special, Ross visits a traditional German Christmas market and takes on the unique taste of Germany.

Episode 3: Italy

Ross discovers the taste of Italy and takes on a PIZZA Challenge, but who will come out on top? #RossVPizza

Episode 2: Vietnam

In this episode, Ross embraces the Fresh taste of Vietnam, but how will the traditional Pho soup go down?

Episode 1: India

In this episode, Ross takes on the spice of India, but will he survive the famous Vindaloo curry?!

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